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Adding an extension to your property can enable you to have more living space, without the stress of moving. You can be as creative as you want and we will work to provide you with dream vision. It gives you a chance to modernise your home, add your unique touch and have more space for whatever you require.

An extension also will increase the value of your property dramatically so if you do consider selling you’ll be able to demand a greater price. We are able to deliver a high quality finish on all of our projects.

Multi Storey Extensions

Multi storey extensions are great for adding a potentially huge amount of extra space to your property. If you love your current location and property but simply don’t have enough space, moving isn’t your only option. In many cases an extension can be more cost effective than moving houses due to all the other fees involved in moving such as estate agents and solicitors, not to mention all the stress involved in the moving process.

Reids Building and Carpentry
Reids Building and Carpentry
Reids Building and Carpentry

Single Storey Extensions

Single storey extensions could provide you with the additional space you are searching for without the expense of a multi storey extension or moving houses. We always ensure plenty of natural lighting floods the extension to help create the illusion of a larger living space.

We do this by recommending our clients install sky lights and bi-folding or patio doors which can also help you make more use of your garden area thanks to the easy access. We work to maximise the potential of your property and unlock the hidden space you may have been wasting previously.

We can also help you looking forward, if you think you may want to add a second storey above the extension in the future we can ensure that all foundations, steelworks and lintels are put in place to avoid higher costs in the future. We’ve worked on a variety of single storey extension projects, see some images of them below.

Single Storey Extensions - Reids Building and Carpentry
Single Storey Extensions - Reids Building and Carpentry
Single Storey Extensions - Reids Building and Carpentry

How We Help

At Reids Building and Carpentry we’ve over 15 years experience in delivering the highest quality results for our clients in and around Folkestone. Our vast experience enables us to be more than just the people who put the bricks in place. We can help in the design, planning, construction and project management to relieve you of as much stress as possible.

Extension Design

You know your home’s spacer better than anybody which is why we work closely with you to ensure the end result meets your requirements. We are able to offer a fresh perspective in the design stages that may offer alternative uses of space. Our experience can prove a valuable asset to help you create a dream space.


Building regulations and planning permission for extensions can often cause confusion and sometimes cause conflicts between you and your neighbours. You can rely on Reids Building and Carpentry to advise you every step of the way. We regularly work with experienced planning consultants on projects who’ll be able to recommend the most appropriate solution for your build.


Both Martyn and Ashley are highly skilled builders who have extensive experience working on a variety of projects, from large multi storey extensions to smaller variants. With their diverse knowledge and understanding of construction you can find peace of mind that they will deliver a high quality house extension that truly meets your requirements.

Project Management

We can project manage your house extension to ensure the works are all completed in a timely and coordinated manner while managing the project’s budget. By setting out a schedule of works with their anticipated time frames, the transition from your homes before and after is made seamless.

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